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Loose Leaf Tea Benefits

Tea is a famous drink around the globe. Some people prefer drinking the way it is, while others usually add sweeteners and milk. Tea can also be consumed as a cold beverage, in addition. In the end ,many people view consuming tea as a simple life pleasure. However, have you ever asked yourself a question about the origin of tea. If you haven’t, then it’s good to find out that tea actually traces its origins to china about five thousand years ago.

Since then, tea has continued to be popular among people because of it’s various aromas and flavors. Tea, is even taken by people who are viewed to be picky about food and drinks. Further more,tea is the pick among other caffeinated drinks for health conscious persons. Now, tea is either packed as bagged or loose leaf tea. For this article we will be solely focusing on loose leaf tea and its benefits. Even though there are many varieties of tea, their advantages are similar.

Packed with anti-oxidants
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Chinese people used tea for a myriad of things including using it as medication as well as pleasure. It’s been discovered that tea is very vital in enhancing our health. Tea is loaded with antioxidants, which fight toxins in our bodies. Because it can eliminate toxins in our systems, aging signs are reduced. You should consider loose leaf tea, if you are looking for a beverage with plenty of antioxidants.
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Weight loss Benefits

If you are looking for a beverage with no calories, then tea is top option to consider. Plain water is another beverage without calories, but as we all know, it can be boring. Making a drink by combining loose leaf tea and water is the best combination for persons looking to lose weight.

Prevent Heart Attack

Based of a number of research finding, drinking tea is beneficial to heart as can help prevent heart attacks. Consequently, drinking tea more times can help you maintain a fit heart. Even though there exist several types of teas, loose leaf tea is a cut above the rest.

Help You Sleep

Tea has less caffeine; so it is a perfect drink before bedtime. Tea can help you sleep because it also doubles up as a sedative, unlike coffee which can cause you to lack sleep the whole night. You can actually sleep fast, as tea relaxes your mind.

Fight Cancer

It has been discovered that tea can actually help the fight against cancer. As we are all aware, cancer is a terminal disease that’s on the rise around the world. If cancer is not detected early, then it usually causes death. The best bet against cancer has always been prevention. Since tea is packed with many antioxidants, you should drink it regularly to prevent cancer. Because loose leaf tea has many benefits, choose it over other options.