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Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Upholstery

You ended up spending hundreds of dollars on that new sofa and although it looks good, the stains keep creeping in to destroy that elegant look. Using a rag and water to remove dirt is not effective. With this method, you won’t be eliminating dirt but only making it less visible by spreading it around. The good thing is that there are advanced ways to eliminate this dirt keeping your home looking spotless clean. Don’t think that you need to spend a fortune in order to get your sofas clean.

There are better ways of cleaning your sofa other than using steam. The method actually eliminates dirt but also generates moisture which ends up soaking into the upholstery and underlying padding on your sofa. This ends up soaking your sofa making it difficult to dry. The steam cleaner may dry the upper end of the fabric, however, don’t think that the inside is dry too. Dry cleaning is better since you won’t have to deal with the odor and moisture that you’re left with during steam cleaning.

Many chemicals and detergents are available in the market with each of them labelled as the best in cleaning upholstery. Some of these have harmful chemicals that may cause a whole range of health problems. It is recommended that you find eco-friendly cleaners that don’t have any negative effect to your health and that of your family. Those you choose should leave your upholstery smelling good and spotlessly clean.
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You need to have the right equipment if you are to successfully clean your upholstery. You will get a wide variety of equipment in the market. While some of these are developed specifically for large commercial places, others are meant for homes. Find the right upholstery cleaner based on its effectiveness and the size of the home. You shouldn’t base your purchase decision on the price of the cleaning equipment since some cheap devices do a poor job. Also, you wouldn’t want to spend the entire day struggling with an ineffective cleaner.
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You should strive to make it a habit cleaning your upholstery and carpets regularly. In case of spills, you need use your cleaner to remove the dirt before it sticks on the surface and becomes much harder to remove. If you have to move bulky furniture before cleaning the carpets, ensure you have someone who can help. This will also help improve the speed of cleaning the home.