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Bird Removal Solutions For Your Home And Business

People have always loved birds and enjoyed listening to their songs and it does not matter what species of bird we watch, there is just something powerful about looking at birds soaring through the skies. Birds definitely add color and variety to the world we live in, however, they can also cause so many problems especially in urban areas. One obvious example is feral pigeons. Considered as the number one pest bird in most cities and suburban areas, feral pigeons came from rock dove which is a native of Europe. Pigeons became so adapted to man-made structures that they have made homes and buildings their homes and built their nests into it.

Health issues and concerns have risen due to pigeons contaminating places that people use. They are also known to carry diseases and other disease-causing insects. The high acidic property of pigeon droppings are also causing damage to buildings and properties. Since they prefer to stay in whatever they were born, they are likely to eat whatever they can find and are therefore difficult to trap and relocate. As such, out of all the bird control services, it is the most widely requested.

Other birds like starlings and sparrows present similar problems to pigeons except they have another troublesome trait, native birds are becoming extinct because of them. Both bird groups can be entrapped and moved to another place. The thing is, because they are numerous, it is hard to clear the area for a long time since as soon as you trap and move one group, a new one would replace it. Similar problems are also experienced by coastal areas, but this time with gulls. Because most airports are constructed near bodies of water, gulls have become a problem to airline companies.

Cars, buildings, and properties can be damaged by bird droppings. Many homeowners and business owners have been struggling to contain bird droppings. More damage can be done to your property when other nesting materials hinder the flow of water in gutters and drains.
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Just imagine the possible damage and cost a single nest blocking the gutter would cost – along with the noise of aggressive birds which may annoy customers leading to shopping somewhere else. Therefore it became necessary to find ways for bird exclusion that is also safe for the birds. Due to advances in our technology, we now have a whole host of bird control methods to utilize that will have no adverse effects on the birds or in our environment.
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Here are some bird control methods that are now being widely used.

Bird repellent gels are designed to prevent birds from perching or roosting.

Bird netting is used to prohibit birds from places where they should be kept out of like airline hangars, overhangs, warehouses etc. This is the preference for many business owners because it is properly installed, it does not interfere with the architectural features.

Electrified Tracks are stretched across places where birds perch so that they get a mild shock, enough to make them stay away but not strong enough to hurt them.

There are plenty of other tools and techniques you can utilize for bird exclusion.

To properly set up these tools, you need the help of a specialist.