Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Boys Not Allowed

Have you always considered girls’ pyjama parties to be the best? What all would guys give to be part of such a party or secretly witness it. But their absence is precisely the reason why such parties are so much fun.

It’s not just the Delhi metro or the Mumbai local trains that have a separate ladies’ coach (luckily, air travel doesn’t have these!). It seems the fairer sex has had enough of their worse halves. Men beware, sisterhood is on the rise. Ladies, if you want to spend a relaxing stress-free day and probably bitch about the boisterous alpha male in your life, head to Grace Belgravia, London’s first women-only club that opened a few months back.

Men have long enjoyed male-only private clubs, where w­omen have strictly been barred from entering (if they do, it’s at their own risk, eh?). Now it’s the women’s turn to have a privileged space of their own. The modern and fun version of the zenana (women’s enclosed quarters); only this time it’s out of choice.

The lounge

The Grace Belgravia is one hell of a posh club. It has a spa, a gym, a restaurant, of course a lounge. The décor is stunning, and the facilities state-of-the-art. The members also enjoy the services of a celebrity hair stylist. Nothing less than the very best would have sufficed.

Okay so let’s look at the fitness facilities. Apart from a gym, a yoga and dance studio, the ladies are treated to some male eye candy. Some of our well-heeled spies have testified to the presence of trainers with looks that could put a Greek god to shame. The Grace Belgravia people sure know what women want.

The spa

And it’s not just another fancy place for rich bored housewives. The club is aimed at providing women a complete getaway –one which can fulfill all their needs and where they can rewind away from the worries of the other half of mankind. There is a medical centre where members have access to a cardiologist, psychotherapist, plastic surgeon, acupuncturist, dermatologist, nutritionist, and women’s health therapist.

Says club founder Kate Percival:

“Grace was created to put the best of the best under one roof. I wanted to create a place where women could come and feel cared for and be intellectually stimulated,”

“There’s been a paradigm shift, which means that, increasingly, women are seeking out other women’s company. It’s not that they don’t love their husbands and partners, but they often have deeper conversation with women than men.”

Now it would have been unfair to completely prohibit men from this feminine paradise. So the club guys decided to allow some masculine company in the club for dinner on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and for a Sunday brunch. After all what would a man do without his woman on a Sunday?

Bummer: It’s too posh. You and I might not be able to afford it. The annual membership fee is $8,330.

Ray of hope: Opening of this women’s-only club might pave the way for more such clubs, more modest and humble in their make and target clientele.