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Pointers for Staying Healthy during the Holidays At that time of the year when your just don’t seem to have free time, how are you to jog or go to the gym when your schedule is bursting with trips, shopping and parties? Maintaining a regular exercise regimen pre-holidays was already difficult to begin with. Avoid the temptation to saying that January will be a “fresh start” because there’s no reason you can be active while the revelry is ongoing. The following are tips that will guide you. 1) Avoid shopping online. It’s definitely easier to shop on the Internet, but going to the mall for to buy holiday presents can squeeze in some of that extra exercise that you might have been.missing. For many of us, we like to do it the easy, straightforward way – go to the shop, pick up the presents, and drive home. Instead, why not take a walk around the mall and indulge in the merry-making around you? If you stop to buy gifts along the way, you’ll be just getting that extra arm workout you’ve always been short of.
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2) Use those hands to shovel snow.
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Manual snow shoveling is a fantastic workout, whether or not you finish the entire driveway or sidewalk. Just be gentle with your back though. Shovel and lift the snow using squat motions so your legs are doing the work instead of your back. If you can do it for 30 to 60 minutes, congratulations! That’s equivalent to your daily workout. And you would have nailed two birds with just one stone. 3) Engage in outdoor activities. Winter weather creates various opportunities for fun outdoor activities. How about ice skating, building a snow man, snowshoeing or sledding? Of course, those are merely examples; it all depends on what your local weather will allow at this of year. 4) Don’t waste short breaks. A short workout is better than no workout at all. Even with a few minutes, you can create a rotation of exercise that you can handle. Say, 20 floor bridges, 30 to 50-second plank, 20 squats, 20 crunches, and the like. Perform the cycle over and over those few minutes is up. If you can stay active at this time of year, you can easily handle the natural stress that comes with the holidays, not to mention maintain or even lose weight while the rest are probably gaining. It can also be a reminder that even if it’s nice to think of others, you shouldn’t feel bad thinking about yourself too. After all, holidays are no excuse for being irresponsible choices with your food or activity (or inactivity) choices or activity. This is probably even the time to think of health and fitness because it is when the temptation to defy them is great.