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Easy Summer Ideas that Will Work for Any Youth Ministry Group It is important to plan your youth mission trip before summer sets in. There are a number of cheap activities that are fun and can be easily included in your trip. These simple ideas can help you minister and spread your message to other people in an effective manner. Planning summer activities can take quite a long time. It’s important to ensure the trip you plan will be suitable for all your group members. This usually means opting for shorter, cheaper and simpler activities that are close to home. When you have planned your summer youth group trip, make sure you include other activities to continue the ministry you may have started during the school year. Since the group members will be having time during the summer, make sure you come up with activities that can help bond the group together and make them active citizens of the community. With the excitement that summer usually brings, you may end up not doing many of the activities you may have planned. This is why it is important to plan ahead. If you want ideas that will not cost you any money, here are two that will be perfect for your home youth group.
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Friday Meetings There are a variety of activities you can do which do not require you to spend any money. For example, you can choose to hang out at local food joints on Fridays or any other day you prefer. For example, you can make a list of food joints in your neighborhood and schedule your appearance every Friday from 11.30am to 1.30pm. After deciding on the places where you will be hanging out, simply let other students know your schedule. This is a good opportunity for your youth ministry group members to meet with other students and minister to them in a relaxed atmosphere.
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Meet at the Park Meeting at the local parks is also another way in which you can bond with members of your youth group. You can ask your group members to carry packed lunch to the park. You can provide a cooler full of drinks to increase the chances of even more people coming to the meeting. You can make the park meeting a fun event by playing kickball, Frisbee or other games. You can be sure your group members will be happy and can bond with each other in such meetings. There are many ideas you can try during summer for your youth group. To make the most of the summer, you should plan ahead. Generally, the success of your trip is likely to be high if you plan activities that do not cost any money.