6 Luxury Island Destinations Traveling The Billionaire

Wealthy people usually have a lifestyle at a different level to most people. Besides having a luxurious house and expensive vehicles, the purpose of traveling people is also somewhat exclusive. They did not hesitate to spend a mountain for their holidays.

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Private islands became the target of a traveler in the rich spend their holidays. Of the many luxury resorts in the world, in Africa Seychelles or the Maldives in Asia are some of the most widely used as a destination for artists of the world to rich tourists. The following six luxury island in the world.

  1. Maldives


It is not surprising if the Maldives to be one of the most luxurious islands in the world. Along the tropical coast can be easily found super luxury resorts are only able to be rented by tourists whose money excess. Cap as a luxury resort increasingly complete when various artists of the world such as Paris Hilton, the couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye west, up to the royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton had a holiday to the Maldives.

Maldives does have a beach resort whose beauty is unmatched, so is suitable for being used as a honeymoon or getaways artist. Lodging is available in the Maldives are also diverse but two of the most famous of hotels in Male City and Maafushi. These hotels provide budget choice to stay ranging from hundreds of dollars to very expensive to reach $ 1,230 overnight as implemented by the luxury hotel Four Seasons Resort.

  1. Anguilla


A second luxury island so subscribed artists, athletes of the world as a figure to their travel destination is Anguilla. The island is located in the Caribbean and still included in the authority of the British Commonwealth. Although the Indonesian island’s name is less popular but Hollywood artists such as Ellen DeGeneres, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Paul McCartney, until Jason Statham ever vacation to the island.

There is also the name of a leading designer Giorgio Armani who also had been on vacation in Anguilla. Not quite up there, the luxury of the island is also able to lure the NBA basketball players to visit. Usually basketball players the world choose Hotel Viceroy Anguilla as they stay subscribed.

Luxury island of Anguilla can be seen from the official price of the inn that was there. Call it the Hotel Viceroy Anguilla which pegged the minimum rate of $ 750 or about USD 746 overnight guests who want to stay there. Not to mention a series of prestigious awards such as the acquisition of World’s Leading Luxury Island Destination in 2014 given by the association World Travel Awards.

  1. Seychelles


Want to follow in the footsteps holiday Prince William and Kate Middleton? Well, maybe you should consider a vacation to the Seychelles in Africa. The island is well known as one of the most luxurious resort on earth and not everyone can enjoy a holiday on the island except the deep pockets such as international artists or entrepreneurs.

In addition to the British royal family had vacationed at once honeymooned there some world artists such as Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, until Paul McCartney also was on vacation in Seychelles. Diving, snorkeling, shopping trinkets of pearls is a wide selection of activities that can be done there.

As has been said before if this island could have been created only for those who are rich. This refers to the cost of staying at the hotel who charge exorbitant. Just look at Villa North Island peg to USD 4447 rates just to stay overnight in his hotel room.

  1. Mauritius


The next luxury island was still in Africa is Mauritius where the leading textbook authors such as Mark Twain once a vacation to this island. Not only writers who recorded never make Mauritius as a tourist destination, there is a row of well-known names such as Prince Harry, Gwyneth Paltrow, until the singer Kylie Minogue has also been holiday in Mauritius.

As with other luxury island blend of luxury hotels and exotic beach became a common sight seen on the beach. Various other activities that can be tasted traveler include snorkeling, mountain biking, seeing the crowds of the local market to taste the delicious seafood dishes. Apart from all the luxury amenities that exist on the island, one of the most special things that the people were friendly and smiling.

Movenpick Resort & Spa is one of the most frequently subscribed wealthy tourists. The cost of staying at the hotel cost in the range of $ 307 and of course there are many luxurious hotels that lined the shore.

  1. St Barts


St Barts is an abbreviation of Saint Barthelemy, an island in the Caribbean and into the territory of France. The island is also one of the luxurious island of the rich tourist subscriptions as an artist and businessman. So do not be surprised if the streets in this place can meet the stars of Hollywood.

The place is the same as the Maldives and Seychelles are also used as a favorite place for honeymooners foreign artists. It is known that Gwen Stefani and Beyonce together with their spouses each been honeymooning on the island.

Different from the previous list of luxury island that provides a wide range of luxury hotels as accommodation, in St Barts best option to stay overnight is by renting a villa with exorbitant rental prices, the cost just for USD 1,846 a day and night.

  1. Zanzibar


Back again to Africa, there is one last name of the island is also famous as a subscription for the rich tourists vacationing namely Zanzibar. Zanzibar is located in East Africa and a wealth of spices there is not inferior to that in the Moluccas, Indonesia plus the beauty of the sea managed to anesthetize traveler to vacation there.

Besides the beauty of the sea and luxury resorts that line there apparently crowded place is also supported by a more friendly fare. Yes, despite being labeled as the purpose of traveling luxury that was once the stopover destination Bill Gates and artist Naomi Campbell, in fact many of the resorts in Zanzibar which offers rates stay affordable.

Those who have a medium-sized fund can choose accommodations slightly tilted at a cost of USD 76 overnight. But if you do not mind the expensive price you can stay at a luxury five-star hotel with exorbitant costs.

That the islands of luxury in the face of the earth which is the goal of traveling the billionaires. Who knows someday you become one of the successful traveler who visited these places.