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Various Tipping Guides for a Cocktail Bar

Aside from dining for meals some of us would want to go to cocktail bars to enjoy and socialize with our friends and colleagues because we would want to have a relaxing time with them so we must also how to act inside a cocktail bar. It is important for you to know the ways on how to tip waiters or waitresses inside a cocktail bar even the bartenders and this is very important and also included in the etiquette that you must learn in the bar.

Some of us would give 18 – 20% based from the total cost of our meal usually every after dining and this differs from different states depending on the kind of experience also that we had during dining in a certain restaurant. Most people would give 18 to 20% based from the total cost of the dining meal especially when they have good experiences on the services and food served to them in different restaurants and this can vary from different states as well. In a cocktail bar, some of the people with tip based on the price of a kind of drink that they have ordered so if they ordered a smaller amount of drink they would usually give $2 for that certain kind of drink.

While drinking a cocktail drink inside the bar and you feel you are having a great and awesome time because of the drinking experience and the services that you are getting from the staff inside the bar then this can be also the basis for giving them a bigger amount of tip. As much as possible give the tip to the crew or service staff in the form of cash because they will use this cash as the transportation fee in going from the bar to their homes every night and you can be a big help for them after they have rendered a good service for you.
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If you want to have a happy experience in drinking inside the cocktail bar you must be generous in giving them the tip that they deserve so that the staff or crew can also give you a good service that you deserve in return and this is called the Golden Rule. If you are drinking inside of the cocktail bar, you should be able to control you’re drinking spree so that you could still respect others as well as staff working inside the bar and no problem will happen.
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In drinking inside a cocktail bar, first impression in giving a tip on your first round of drink is very important in every round of drink that you get you must also give a tip to the bartender. You must be always generous in giving a certain amount of tip to the bartender especially when he or she has given you a free drink in the house so that the bartender will always remember you as a good customer. It is always better or good for you to give always a tip to them inside the cocktail bar to the bartender even if they give you a free drink and this is one good etiquette.